Hello and welcome to my life

Hi there!

After a lot of frustration and a lot of headaches my blog is finally up and running. It took its  time and I am still far from done… But no matter, I really want to get started on writing.

So first you need to know a little bit about me. I created this blog, not with the intention of getting an audience or any followers, but with the intention of getting to know myself.

  • “Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self” – Writer Cyril Connolly

I am a person just like you and then again I am not. I don’t believe that any human being is the same as another, but I believe that a lot of people can relate to the same story or a particular feeling or state of mind. I just graduated from gymnasium this summer, so now I am working working and working some more. About 2 months ago I started working as a barista at my absolute favourite coffee shop. While spending most of my exam prepping there, I finally gathered up my courage to ask for a job there and I was in luck. The manager had noticed my love for coffee and I got hired right away. Yay! But unfortunately I don’t get the same hours as a full-time employee, so I got a second working at a bakery just across my street. Actually that bakery is where I got my first job ever when I was only 13 years old and now 6 years later I’m back. My colleagues (at both places) are so incredibly kind and I really enjoy working. Lucky me, because I’ve got to save up a lot of money before february… I am going to England for 2 months then, and I will be doing some voluntary work over there. Working with wolves. Yes, you read correctly. Wolves!

I absolutely adore wolves. The are such beautiful and yet misunderstood creatures and I think people just needs a lot more knowledge about them in order to accept their existence  without fearing them. Anyway so that is something I am looking A LOT forward to.

So this was a tiny introduction and this blog will be a journey about learning how to enjoy life and remember the small details in everyday. It will be about my everyday life and thoughts and about my personal journey in life.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this,



Getting started and frustrated!

So right at this moment I am trying to  get this blog look like I want to and goodness that is a lot of work! Being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to visuals, creating the perfect homepage is quite tricky…. So this will be a really short post and I will probably delete it or something later on. Sorry about this..